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The Center for Excellence for Inclusive Schools Network helps Quebec's English School Boards to develop effective service frameworks for today's inclusive schools, offering information, professional development, and complementary classroom resources.



ISN's focus is on supporting "students at academic risk" in regular education classrooms.

ISN collaborates with Quebec's Anglophone school boards to promote inclusive education practices, highlight and support the implementation of preventative measures, and best practices for at-risk students.

ISN also strives to improve the school boards' capacity to identify and support at-risk students in both elementary and high school settings. This includes exploring and utilizing tools to identify at-risk students, as well as determining and implementing appropriate evidence-based interventions to help get them back on track.

Overall, ISN is dedicated to helping students who are struggling academically receive the support they need to succeed in school and beyond.


For every student to have access to enriching learning environments that provide expert instruction, targeted support, and a strong sense of belonging and purpose.


Meet the Team

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